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Don Knight celebrates 90

Two-year-old grandson Reese Black-Knight being held for candle blow-out by USMCCCA member and grandfather Don Knight. at a surprise party in June. Knight was celebrating his 90th birthday at his daughter’s home in Silver Spring, MD. (Photo by Phil Black-Knight)


Pride in a Black Tee Shirt

By Don Knight, to read story click on image above.

There is one way to get seats at the weekly Sunset Parade at Arlington’s US Marine Corps War Memorial:

Be a Marine Combat Correspondent, have your World War II dog tag and be ready to quote the rifle number you toted across the Pacific.  Life Member […]


Looking for Sgt R. E. Staff

I need your assistance in locating a Marine Corps combat correspondent, and  an article in the old SEA TIGER.  Hopefully, the correspondent is still  alive. During January 1969, in Vietnam, he was known as Sgt R. E. STAFF.  His  service number is 2311049.  He was attached to HqBn, 1st Mar Div (Rein)  FMF.

I also need […]


Jim Kyser hospitalized

Jim Keyser at the Denig Memorial dedication in Quantico.

Life member and Lucas Chapter Treasurer Jim Kyser, SuperTop as he is known in email parlance, underwent a triple by-pass operation several weeks ago.

Following the operation he emailed CCHQ that it had taken place and that he was slowly picking up strength.  This past week he […]


Watercolor reaches family

Sometime ago I posted a copy of a watercolor to the James Wykle internet funeral memorial page. The watercolor is titled: “Sgt. Wykle from Minden, West Virginia resting on hills of Saipan, Circa July 4, 1944″ It is a watercolor painted by my Uncle, Sgt. Theo Hios, now in the permanent art collection at The […]


This Week in History: October 28, 1962

At MCAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, I had just lit the barbecue grill when my phone rang.

“Gunny, meet me at the office” ordered Maj. Bob Morrisey. Ten minutes later he and I were huddling with an op plan calling for the 4th Marines to immediately standby for immediate deployment to Key West, FL for possible involvement […]


Rosenthal dedication in photos

(left-right) Jack Withington, Lieutenant Gen. Jan Huly (USMC Ret), Leonard Cohen, designer of the bronze plaque, Dale Cook, President of the Joe Rosenthal Chapter of the U.S. Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association (USMCCCA), and  Tom Graves gather after the plaque dedication ceremony recognizing the achievements of former Associated Press photographer, Joe Rosenthal, held on the 102nd anniversary […]


Rosenthal to be honored Oct. 9

Joe Rosenthal, who made the Pulitzer Prize winning, iconic Iwo Jima flag raising photograph, will be honored at The National Museum Of The Marine Corps, October 9, 2013.

A bronze plaque honoring Joe Rosenthal, photographer of “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima,” will be dedicated at the National Museum of the Marine Corps, 18900 Jefferson […]


Norm Hatch in The Washington Post

Norman Hatch, 91, near the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial, which is also referred to as the Iwo Jima Memorial, on Wednesday in Arlington. Hatch was at Iwo Jima, heading the U.S. Marines 5th Division Photo Section. The statue is a depiction of a photograph by AP photographer Joe Rosenthal of a flag-raising during […]


Looking for Margaret “Margie” Moore

Major John Marley, USMC (retired) would like to know if any of our members remember a Marine named Ray O’Hara Peterson (11th Marines 1946) saw the 2013 Reunion Announcement in the American Legion magazine and called to ask if anyone knows the whereabouts of Margaret “Margie” Moore who served at 8th & I from 1950 […]


Still support for Rosenthal

Here is an OpEd page by former CC Daniel P. Cortez printed in the Richmond Times Dispatch, on page A11, Jan.12, 2013 explaining why Joe Rosenthal deserves Marines’ recognition.

To read the article click on the photo to the right.


Tibbetts a musician

The Closers’ website gives you a sample of their music and a list of venues in the Denver area.

Anyone remember CC Lee J. Tibbetts? He was the “Reece Lodder” of the ’90’s, winning most of the what is now “Merit Award” categories. He has since retired from active duty and is a member of […]